New Book Added! – The Authenticity of the Book of Esther

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The Authenticity of the Book of Esther by Dr Bill Cooper – The Book of Esther is strange. Of all the books in the Bible, not once – it is said – does it mention the Name, nor even a title of God (though we will say more on that question).

One would think, therefore, that on that account the critics would have left it alone. But no. Over the years the Book of Esther has been left at the hands of the critics to lay under the same stultifying fog of ignorance and misinformation that they lay upon all the other Books of the Bible. That says more about the critics than the Bible, of course, but it does mean that even the diligent Bible reader has been deprived of the considerable amount of archaeological evidence which rings out the fact that the Book of Esther is corroborated at every level. That’s not something that the critics want us to hear.

This book has been written with the sole objective of bringing that evidence to light. It is evidence which should never have been neglected, and which sets the Book of Esther against its true historical background – and there is a great deal of that. Mercifully, our remit does not include any moralising, theologising, or ‘interpretation’ of the Book of Esther. It involves purely and simply an investigation into whether or not the Book of Esther is a reliable historical account of the events, places, and personages of which it treats. You will be pleasantly surprised at what has been found.”