New Book Added! The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis

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The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis by Dr Bill Cooper – Why Genesis can be trusted to speak about origins

In this single volume Dr Bill Cooper takes on the challenge of the globally accepted media’s opinion of the Scriptures we call the Bible. He argues from hard evidence that the Bible is historically accurate throughout – in everything, prophetical, geographical, linguistic and doctrinal.

So whether you come to its perusal from jeering atheism or a longing to know how your own conviction of its truth can be substantiated, read on. Be challenged and be completely reassured. God’s Word is true!

Part One of this book deals with the antiquity of Genesis, showing how each of its component parts is considerably older than any of the sources proposed for it by the modernist school.

Part Two deals with the pre-Christian Flood traditions that are found around the world, which together present a formidable body of evidence for the truth of Genesis when it speaks of the Flood of Noah. Finally,

Part Three draws the reader’s attention to a certain clay tablet which makes nonsense of the modernist claim that the Flood account found in Genesis is modeled on or derived from the Epic of Gilgamesh or any other proposed source. We call it here the Genesis Flood Tablet.