Authenticity Series

About the the Series:

In answer to the many critics who would have the world believe that our Bible is a false record, the CSM presents the Authenticity series of books. The series covers the Book of Genesis; the Book of Joshua; Judges; Jonah; Daniel; Esther; and the New Testament pts 1 & 2. These are not commentaries on these particular Books of the Bible, but each is an investigation into their historical accuracy, integrity, and authenticity. The archaeological and written records of the ancient world are called upon to provide a startling testimony against the critics, the doubters, and the skeptics. Their school of thought was never founded upon facts, but relies solely upon supposition and godless philosophy. The Bible, on the other hand, is seen to be amazingly factual and accurate in all its statements, even on a microscopic level. All this is highlighted in the Authenticity series which we recommend to all.

Dr Bill Cooper .PhD .ThD

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